Finally: A Biblical Way to Beat Down Stress and Draw Closer to God

Does this sound familiar?

You’re stressed out. About everything.

You worry if you’ll have enough money to pay the car payment. You worry that politicians will destroy the world as you know it. You worry that if you slow down, someone will pass you.

Or maybe you work too much. Every waking hour you spend laboring on the next project, just trying to get ahead.

Or maybe you have a job that requires you to work weekends, and you feel guilty. You love God and want to honor Him, but your career requires your services every Sunday.

What if I told you that the fourth commandment—the commandment to honor the Sabbath—addresses all of these issues? That if you understood and properly applied the principles behind the Sabbath, you could overcome these problems?

Not only could you work without guilt, but you could eliminate large quantities of distress from your life while also experiencing bouts of productivity like you’ve never seen before.

Sound far-fetched?

I used to struggle with a lot of these same issues. But when I began to study the implications of the Sabbath commandment, God set me on the path to overcome them.

I want you to overcome them too.

And that’s exactly what my new book, Do No Work, is all about.



Don’t Make This Giant Mistake

Next time you go to church, ask someone to list the Ten Commandments.

Chances are good she’ll forget the fourth commandment.


Christians generally neglect it for one of two reasons:

1. We don’t understand it.
2. We don’t think it applies.

But did you know that the word “Sabbath” appears 96 times in the Old Testament, while the words “repent” and “forgive” (or any form of these words) combined appear only 83 times in that same space?

Clearly repentance and forgiveness are much more important to our faith, but do you think it’s insignificant that the Sabbath is so predominant in the Bible?

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking: that’s the Old Testament. It doesn’t apply.

Not so fast.

The Sabbath is modeled after the seventh day when God almighty rested. There were no Jews or Gentiles on that day.

So if our omnipotent God rested, how much more should we also rest?

Now, for sure, the application of the fourth commandment looks way different for the Christ-follower than for the Hebrew. But to completely ignore it would be a huge mistake.


The Fourth Commandment’s Guide to Eternal Life

Not only does the fourth commandment address burnout and worry, but it also holds the keys to vital theological understanding as well: how to get to heaven and how to understand the tension between Old Testament Law and New Covenant redemption.

The commandment isn’t just a guide to a healthy life, but also a metaphor for eternal life.

You see God commanded the Sabbath to commemorate the Israelites’ freedom from Egypt.

What finally convinced Pharaoh to let God’s people go? The Passover.

On that dreadful night, God killed all the firstborn in Egypt. Yet He spared the Hebrews.


In obedience to God, the Israelite households slaughtered an unblemished lamb and spread its blood on the doorframe, signaling that they had already made a sacrifice.

Fast-forward some years when God provided another lamb: His Son.

By Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection—by the blood of the lamb—we can enter into eternal life—or as the author of Hebrews calls it, rest:

The promise of entering [God’s] rest still stands (Heb. 4:1).

The fourth commandment offers not just refreshment for the body, but also points us toward eternal life in heaven.

This revelation amazed me, and it is the reason why I wanted to write this book. I wanted to share everything I learned throughout the past three years of studying the Sabbath.


Don’t Take My Word for It

Here’s what others have to say about the book:


A practical guide to a refreshed life.

Jim Woods,


Do No Work helps the believer honor God through the principle of ordained rest.

Daniel Sweet, Lead Pastor, Calvary Church in Norman, Oklahoma


Clear, well written and easy to understand. I recommend it.

Sharon Gibson, user review



And Don’t Procrastinate!

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This One Concept Changed My Whole Outlook on the Bible

When I read through the entire Bible for the first time, I was left with more questions than answers.

And while I still have a ton of questions, studying the fourth commandment gave me a totally unique perspective on the Bible.

My hope is that Do No Work won’t just help you be more productive or convince you to take more naps. My prayer is that it will draw you nearer to Christ.

Because without Jesus, true rest is impossible.